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  • HDPE Coated Aluminum Coil

    Color coating aluminum coil and plate, which is combined the roller coating technology with digital printing technology. On one side or two sides of coil , make the pre-treatment of degreasing, cleaning, conversion film, using high-quality polyester or PVDF paints, passing...
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  • HDPE Prepainted Aluminum Coil

    Characteristcs of color painted aluminum coil 1)Excellent weather-proof durability 2)Anti-ultraviolet 3)High erosion resistance 4)Stable color and gloss 5)Good mechanical processing performance 6)Abrasion resistance 7)Anti-impact 8)High flexibility OEM and ODM WIDTH:...
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  • Protective Plastic Film

    protective plastic film
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  • Aluminum Panel Protective Film

    aluminum panel protective film
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  • Pe Protective Film For Artificial Marble

    pe protective film for artificial marble
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  • Clear Protective Film

    Clear Protective Film Transparent Protective Film Specification: 1.It's so easy to peel off. 2.Virgin PE material and also soft. 3.After removed the product,there is no residue. 4.Good and steady adhesion. 5.Good antistatic ability. 6.These product are produced in...
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  • Stainless Steel Sheet Protective Film

    Stainless Steel Sheet Protective Film Specifications for sheet metal protective film Our sheet metal protective film is finished by Blowing,Printing(as per customers' requirements),Coating,Testing,Rewinding,Cutting and Shipping. 1. We have own pe film factory,we offer...
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  • Car Carpet Protective Film

    Protective Film for Car Carpet The production are mainly used in carpet, it's easy enough to paste and remove. Pressure-sensitive adhesive will do no harm to the carpet and its fiber. Our PE Protection Film Characteristics: ● Easy tearing and sticking ● No transfer of...
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  • Protective Film For Car Carpet

    High Adhesive Plastic Film Transparent Car Carpet Protective Film for Overseas Market Product Description Our PE Carpet Protective Film Advantages: 1.High resilience, transparency, and tensile strength with good gloss 2. The property of one-sided stickiness and double-sided...
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  • Anti-Scratch Protective Film

    Factory Direct Sales Anti-UV Transparent Stainless Steel PE Protective Film Product Description Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.03 - 0.10mm 2) Width: up to 1630mm 3) Length: 100 - 2000m 4) Adhesive strength: 40-48g/50mm 5) Color: Transparent, blue, black, cream-white, black...
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  • Blue PE Protective Film

    blue pe protective film Product Description our pe protective film Advantages: 1. Easy to be laminated and peeled-off 2. No glue residues, stains or marking left once the film is removed 3. Good anti-aging performance 4. Environmentally friendly: water-based glues are used,...
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  • Aluminum Sheet Protective Film

    Manufacture PE Plastic Protective Film for Aluminum Composite Panels Surface Product Description our pe protective film Advantages: 1.All our materials are 100% pure PE. So our quality could be guaranteed 2.Saving cost and handling time 3.Advanced technology and equipment...
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