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  • Surface Protection Film For Stainless Steel

    Surface Protection Film for Stainless Steel 1.All our materials are 100% pure PE. So our quality could be guaranteed 2.Saving cost and handling time 3,.Advanced technology and equipment 4. Great ideals for protecting goods from moisture ,rust and dirt 5,.Economical materials...
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  • Plastic Protection Film

    Plastic Protection Film About PE Protection Film Samples + Samples for testing are available and free + Usually roll sized 400mm*100m/200m + For favorite measures, please feel free to advise + But to be refunded by deducting from the right coming order automatically + For...
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  • Carpet Film

    China Supplier Clear Adhesive Pe Carpet Protective Film Product Description Our PE Carpet Protective Film Advantages: 1. Eco-fiendly,healthy. 2. Flexible,easy to paste. 3. Protect the surface of goods from damage. 4. No air bubbles,no crease during usage. 5. Easy to peel...
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  • Carpet Protection Film

    High Adhesive Plastic Film Transparent Car Carpet Protective Film for Overseas Market Product Description Why choose our PE protective film? 1. Testing Equipment Advanced testing equ i pment and strict quality controlling system ensure that our products are satisfied by...
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  • Sheet Metal Protective Film

    China Manufacture Printing PE Protective Film For Metal Sheet Product Description Industrial Use: Metal Surface Protection Transparency: Opaque (不透明的)/Transparent Hardness: Soft Basic Level: PE Packaging: Carton Box/Pallet our pe protective film Advantages: 1). Excellent...
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  • PE Protective Film For Stainless Steel

    China Manufacture Printing PE Protective Film For Aluminium Stainless Steel Product Description our pe protective film Advantages: 1. Easy to be laminated and peeled-off 2. No glue residues, stains or marking left once the film is removed 3. Good anti-aging performance 4....
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  • Colored Aluminum Sheet Panel

    Colored Aluminum Sheet Panel Color Coated Aluminum Sheet refers to the aluminum coil through coating and coloring treatment such as cleaning, chromizing, roll coating by various colors of paint, baking etc. Its paint has different types such as PE/PVDF/HDPE/FEVE. Our products...
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  • Marble Protective Film

    Factory Stretch Film Marble Protective Film Manufacturers Protective film description Stretch wrapping is a leading method for unitizing, bundling and pallet wrapping of goods. Polyethylene packing has a considerable impact on the way we handle both industrial and consumer...
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  • Printing Protective Film

    Printing Protective Film for Aluminum 1.Protective film product descriptions PE Films Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.03 - 0.10mm 2) Width: up to 1630mm 3) Length: 100 - 2000m 4) Adhesive strength: 40-48g/50mm 5) Color: Transparent, blue, black, cream-white, black background,...
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  • PE Stainless Steel Protective Film

    High Quality Anti Scratch Stainless Steel Aluminium Panel Surface PE Protective Film 1.Product Description 2.Testing Equipment 4.Product Applications PE Protection Film Product features: a.Dustproof, anti-skidding b.Adhesive c.Blue, clear, white, black-white etc other color...
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  • Protective Film For Acrylic Sheet

    PE Protective Film for wood Floor 1.Product Description 1)Thickness: 0.015-0.1mm 2)Width: up to 1630 mm 3)Length: 100-1500m 4)Color: Blue, white, transparent, white&black etc Features: 1Very good deformation behavior suitable for severe mechanical 2)Stable adhering...
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  • Floor Protective Film

    Blow Molding Transparent Adhesive PE Protective Film for Wooden Floor 1.Product Description The film can be applied to wooden floors for protection, to protect the surface from scratching or dust during the procesion or transportation or the installation. They are easy apt...
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