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  • Protective Films

    The protective film produced by the company is mainly used in surface protection of home appliance plate, aluminum plate, aluminum-plastic plate, galvanized sheet, stainless steel plate, color steel plate, cabinet panel, plastic profile, aluminum alloy door and window, glass,...
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  • Color Aluminum Coil For Roofing

    1.Light weight; aluminum has a density of 2.78 g/cm3, which is only 1/3 of steel. 2. High strength; high strength can be achieved by component configuration, processing and heat treatment. 3. Corrosion-resistant; self-rust-proof ability, formed oxide layer, can prevent metal...
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  • Thin Protective Film

    PE protect film must be peeled off from the object after process or before the next assembly of after delivered to customer, the protective film does not make adhesive migration to the surface object and dose not leave any residue either after removing the film. Thin...
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  • Clear Protective Film For Wood Panel

    PE, full name of polyethylene, is the most common plastic, and an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. PE protective film is produced with special PE plastic film as backing material, water solvent acrylic as adhesive, and several special additives. Soft , good...
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  • Car Carpet Protection Film

    Car Carpet Protection Film Description 1.Protect product surface from pollution, damage & UV,corrode, and scratch during the process of produce,transport,store and installation; 2.Stable adhering capacity and Special easy-peel & remove, no adhesive residue after Clear...
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  • Clear PE Protective Film

    PE protective film characteristics of soft,good viscosity,adhesive performance is good,easy to paste,easy peeling,peeling no residue.PE protective film can be widely used in many industries.It can protect the surface of products from pollution,damage and scratches during...
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  • Colored Aluminum Coil For ACP

    Characteristcs of color painted aluminum coil 1)Excellent weather-proof durability 2)Anti-ultraviolet 3)High erosion resistance 4)Stable color and gloss 5)Good mechanical processing performance 6)Abrasion resistance 7)Anti-impact 8)High flexibility 8 Sets Production Lines...
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  • Protective Film For Carpet Film

    The production are mainly used in carpet, it's easy enough to paste and remove. Pressure-sensitive adhesive will do no harm to the carpet and its fiber. Carpet protective film easy to stick and remove and the pressure sensitive adhesive no affection on carpets...
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  • Surface Film

    Surface Film Specifications: 1) Thickness: 0.03 - 0.10mm 2) Width: up to 1630mm 3) Length: 100 - 2000m 4) Adhesive strength: 40-48g/50mm 5) Color: Transparent, blue, black, cream-white, black background, white, or custom 6) Plastic film as substrate
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  • Adhesive Film

    Adhesive Film Specification: Width: Up to 1630mm thickness:0.015mm-0.10mm Adhesion: 5-780g/50mm Color: Transparent, blue, black and white, any color can be produced at customers' option Thickness: 0.03mm-0.15mm Glue: Water-based or solvent-based
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  • Anti Static PE Protective Film

    Anti Static PE Protective Film Adhesive Strength Anti Static PE Protective Film Main Points: 1). Excellent surface protection Function.. 2). With top climate-resistance, and not pollute the adherends 3). Tearable environment-friendly types. 4). No harmful to body and...
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  • UV Protective Film

    Usual specification: Color: Clear, Blue, Black, Black-White, (we can produce any color that you required) Thickness: 0.015mm-0.1mm Width: Within 1630mm Length: 100m-2000m Adhesion: 160-430g/50mm Inner Packing: Air-cushioned film Outer packing: Carton boxes UV Protection: 6...
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