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Protection Film For Wood

Protection Film For Wood

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protection film for wood

1. Clear Protective Film For Wood can be directly applied to kinds of wooden floor that has not been cleaned and will help remove any existing dust on it. 


2. It has stable adhering capacity and doesn't need re-applying on site.


3. Easy to peel away from the floor and leaves no residue that requires cleaning away.


4. Different kinds of color, if you need, logo printing will be available.


5. Used by hands or tools.


Could I order pe protection film with printing(logo or any others)?

Yes. protection film for wood film can be printed in four colors for your logo, your trademark, an advertisement, to specify conditions of use, notes of assembly of your products and to specify technical standards. 

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Could I apply pe protection film to any surface?

With each project corresponds an answer satisfying your needs is only possible by discussing your requirements with you, and thus provides the best advice. We have kinds of surface protective film.

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PE film Quality Control:

We own a test lab for doing quality control and product inspection before delivery. We have standard rules for inspection from the raw mate to the end product.



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