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Transparent Protective Film

Protective Film For Carpet

Protective Film For Carpet

protective film for Carpet Product Description Our PE Carpet Protective Film Advantages: 1.High resilience, transparency, and tensile strength with good gloss 2. The property of one-sided stickiness and double-sided stickiness 3. Light weight, thin thickness 4. Strong tear and impaling...
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protective film for Carpet

protective film for carpet

Product Description


protective film for carpet


Our PE Carpet Protective Film Advantages:

1.High resilience, transparency, and tensile strength with good gloss

2.The property of one-sided stickiness and double-sided stickiness

3.Light weight, thin thickness

4.Strong tear and impaling resistance; cold, heat and pressure resistance

5.Dust, damp, scattering and falling proof, prevention of burglary

6.Good autohension and high retraction, packing the cargo to a body and preventing the cargo damage at the same time.

protective film for carpet


Product Applications


Usage:the usage of our protective film

♥ Hardware industry: computer case, galvanized sheet, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, steel plate, plywood etc..

♥ Photoelectric industry: MCD liquid crystal display, car lens, glass surface, backlight plate, cold light film, film switch, mobile phone screen and so on.

♥ Plastic industry: ABM.PP injection products, PVC plate, acrylic board, instrument, plastic lens, spray oil surface protection, etc.

♥ Printing industry: PVC.PC board, aluminum plate, film and other printing inscriptions on the surface protection.

protective film for carpet


Adhesive Strength


Thickness Range


PE protective film for aluminum profiles

Very High

Carpet, automobile carpet, dull painted aluminum profile, coarse sand blasted profile etc.



blue ,



and other color you like


Surface protection on

laminate of matte finish, aluminum lastic composite panel, coated aluminum sheet of matte finish, coated stainless steel panel of matte finish etc.


Surface protection on

galvanized aluminum sheet, mill polised stainless steel, mill finished aluminum sheet, artificial marble, plastic steel profileetc.


Surface protection on

Polyester furniture board, smooth aluminum, tile ,coated metal sheet of gloss finish, surface of air-conditioner and various home appliances' surface etc.


Surface protection on

PVC sheet,ABS sheet, Mirrored steel plate, anodized aluminum, plastic board and many more products of high gloss surface etc.

Stretch wrapping film

Non adhesive






Carpet Film Production Process:

1.Raw Material 2.Film Blowing 3.Semi-finished products
4.Glue coating 5.Semi-finished products 6.Testing
7.Rewinding 8.Cutting 9.Storehouse 10.Shipping

protective film for carpet

protective film for carpet


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protective film for carpet

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