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Protective Film For Metal

Protective Film For Metal

Protective Film For Metal
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Protective Film For Metal

PE, full name of polyethylene, is the most common plastic, and an environmentally friendly alternative to PVC. PE protective film is produced with special PE plastic film as backing material, water solvent acrylic as adhesive, and several special additives. Soft , good viscosity, easy to paste,  easy to peel without residue.PE protective film can be widely used in many industries. It can protect the surface of products from pollution, damage and scratches during transportation and installation.

Protective Film For Metal


Protective Film For Metal / Polyethylene(PE) film


Transparent, Blue, Black, Green, White, Pink,etc


Can print Logo, name or picture in colors on the surface






Low, medium-low ,medium, upper-medium, high


Water-based Acrylic


Used for household appliance

Used for steel, vehicle

Used for furniture, floor, glass… etc


Environmental,Durable, recyclable, safe

Hot-temperature endurable, anti-aging

Stable adhering capacity

Easy to peel without any residue

Acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion


wooden pallet


10000 meters for craft paper,10000 square meters for PE protective film.

Lead Time

15~20 days

Protective Film For Metal

Protective Film For Metal Application:

PE protect film  widely used to protect various material of plates, sheets, boards, profiles, etc.

It can protect the surface of product regardless of it's finished half- finished or component from scratch or contamination during the processing, transport, store and tech  course of use.

PE protect film must be peeled off from the object after process or before the next assembly of after delivered to customer, the protective film does not make  adhesive migration to the surface object and dose not leave any residue either after removing the film.


Protective Film For Metal

Protective Film For Metal Our Service:


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Protective Film For Metal

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