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Aluminum Composite Panel Film

Aluminum Composite Panel Film

Aluminum Composite Panel Film
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Aluminum Composite Panel Film

  Raw Material



   Black white color or as the customers' requirement


   0.015mm-0.1mm or customized






   Moisture proof


   Aluminum Profile surface


   Roll in carton or can be customized

   Special Requirements

   As the customers' requirements

Aluminum Composite Panel Film

aluminum composite panel Functions:

Our covering film can protect the surface of high glossy materials such as stainless, plastic panel, tile, aluminum panel, glass and floor; the surface of which have the rough surface and very difficult to stick such as aluminum extrusive profile, carpet, laminate of matte finish etc.

No residue easy peel protective film with the best price, could provide a protective barrier to scratch, damage and dirt at the process of transportation and installation.

1)Film for automobile & its parts

2)Film for air-conditioner aluminum frame & steel panel.

3)Protective film for glass building and construction

4)Film for stainless steel products

5)Protective film for carpet, floor, door, furniture

Aluminum Composite Panel Film

Hardware industry

   Computer case, galvanized sheet stamping, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, steel plate, glass plate, solar panel

Plastic industry

   ABS, PP injection molded products, PVC sheet, acrylic board, instrument,

plastic lens, paint parts surface protection

Aluminum Composite Panel Film Surface Protective Film  made by water-based acrylic. Printed Aluminum Composite Panel Film Surface Protective Film have 3 features: 

1.Stable adhesive strength.

2.excellent weather ability, UV resistance and anti-aging ability. 

3.Leave no residue glue after peeling off. Aluminum Composite Panel Film

Technology Innovation:

We always focus on technology innovation and pay much attention to the improvement of traditional production process and plants to improve the quality and efficiency.


Aluminum Composite Panel Film

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