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Wall Cladding Solid Aluminum Panel With PVDF Coating For Curtain Wall
Aug 02, 2018

Wall Cladding Solid Aluminum Panel with PVDF Coating for Curtain Wall

Key Specifications/Special Features:

1. Know more about aluminum curtain wall

A. It is gradually developing into the powerful product in building decoration industry, is widely used interior or exterior curtain wall.

B. It can be 100% recycled, environmentally, unlike glass, stone, ceramic or other decorative materials. Aluminum panel is a good choice for decorative materials.

C. Light weight, high strength, simple structure, installation is very easy.

D. Resist shock, water-proof, fire-proof, anti-dirt and corrosion resistance with the best performance in resisting cold and hot.

E. Flexible processing, colors and sizes of panel are customized, it can be easily processed into corner, arc or even double-curved sides.


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