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PVdF Pre-Coated Aluminium Sheets For The Contruction Industry
Jul 31, 2018

Pre-Painted Aluminum sheet 

PVdF Pre-Coated Aluminium Sheets for the Contruction Industry

Our pre-painted aluminium sheets are coil-coated with a Class 1 PVdF flexible paint system. 
PVdF has excellent weathering properties, colour-fastness and UV resistance and is the most commonly selected finish for construction, giving long life and a virtually unlimited range of 

These sheets can be punched, guillotined and bent using standard machinery to provide a finished product. All sheets have a UV resistant film with directional arrows applied to the 
painted surface to protect the finish during fabrication and installation.

Our stock range consists of the most commonly used sizes and gauges and we can offer 
bespoke sizes, colours and thickness subject to order details.


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