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Competitive 3003 Alloy Roofing Color Coated PVDF Aluminum Coil For Outside
Aug 11, 2018

Competitive 3003 alloy roofing color coated PVDF Aluminum coil for outside

1.Product introduction

Color coated Aluminum coils are used more and more in roofing, ceiling, roller shutters, door face, kitchen cabinet, cladding system because it is light, beautiful, easy processed, and long lasting.

We have 16 splitting machines for aluminum strips process, to satisfy  the huge demand for aluminum housed hold ceiling(size of 30x30cm) for local China market, our monthly production volume is up to 4000MT.  We usually use aluminum alloy AA1100, 3003, 3005, 3105 for the strips, with thickness 0.4-1.2mm, with width: 420mm, 480mm, 575mm, 585mm, 600mm..etc.

All single color like silver, white, champagne,metallic, all available.  Wood and stone colors are our advantaged products, very wide range designs and most competitive prices. You are welcome to send popular designs and we will make them for you!

PE and PVDF coating are suitable for the interior and exterior decoration.

Self-clean PVDF coated aluminium strips, is a new product coated with Self-clean PVDF paint. The appearance is the same with the normal PVDF coated ones, but it can release some material to clean its surface after being exposed to rain or snow and sunshine. And this self-clean program can keep many years.


2. Specification for coated aluminum coils

01)Material: aluminum alloy A1100, A3003, A3005, A3105,A8011

02)Aluminum thickness:0.04-1.20mm

03)Max coil width: 1600mm(standard 1240mm)

04)Coil's standard diameter:1200mm, Interior diameter: 405mm,505mm, etc.

05) weight: 0.5-4.0T/coil or by buyer's option

06) Coating: PE or PVDF coating

07) Surface treatment: anti-scratch, high glossy, matt

08) Color: wooden grain, marble stone, plain color,3D, HD, metallic, patterned, etc.

10) Coating thickness: double coating-25 micron, single coating-18 micron, primer-5 micron

11) Coating hardness: (pencil hardness) HB

12) Coating adhesive: no lower than first grade

13) Impact resistance: no cracking and peeling(50kg/cm, ASTMD-2794:1993)

14)Flexibility(T-bend):2T or by your option

15) MEK resistance: more than 100

3. Applications


Interior applications:wall cladding, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens and balconies, shutters, doors...


Exterior applications: wall cladding, facades, roofing, canopies, tunnels,column covers , renovations...


Advertisement and market applications: display platforms, signboards, fascia, shop fronts...

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