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Color Aluminum Plate Purchase Standard
Jun 05, 2018

1. The surface of the color aluminum plate must not be cracked, corroded or cracked, and the surface of the plate with a thickness greater than 0.6 mm must not have any diffusion spots.

2, the surface of the board allows slight pressure scratches, metal and non-metal indentation, cuts, scratches, roll printing, pine twigs and emulsion marks and other defects, but the depth of various defects shall not exceed the color aluminum plate The allowable negative deviation of the thickness, and guarantee the minimum thickness;

3. The total area of air bubbles should not exceed 100mm2 per square meter of board surface;

4, process package aluminum sheet, allowing the exposed part of the coating layer and surface bubbles;

5, color aluminum plate defects allow the use of No. 400 sandpaper for inspective grinding, the grinding depth can not exceed the allowable thickness deviation; the edge of the plate should be trimmed, no burr.

In addition, there is a very important point. The interior of the mirrored aluminum plate does not allow centered delamination and cracking. Consumers must be careful when purchasing.

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