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China Aluminium Manufacture Roll Coated Prepainted Aluminum Coil/Prepainted Aluminum Coil
Aug 20, 2018

China aluminium manufacture roll coated prepainted aluminum coil/prepainted aluminum coil

color coated aluminum coil 
1,Reliable quality with low price 
2.Excellent stability and durability 
3.Colorful surface for roof 

Product Description
Color coated  Aluminum Coil is to make the wire drawing on the aluminum surface by mechanical  friction or extrusion process, then make one layer of special film treatment on the aluminum surface. which generate one layer containing this metallic composition on the aluminum roll surface, clearly appear each fine wire let the  metal take fine hair gloss.Then make the chemical treatment in our modern Chemical Treatment production line, after that make PVDF or Polyester (PE) Coating in Solid colors or Metallic Colors through the color coating production line. so Alumstar Brushed Aluminum Coil will be colorful,modern,lifelike and durable.


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