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Aluminum Roller Shutter Window Features
Jun 05, 2018

Aluminium roller shutters are a common form of external sunshading for buildings, and they are one of the effective measures for building energy conservation and consumption reduction. Because its main part shutter sheet adopts aluminum alloy rolling technology, the polyurethane composite material with a specified density is injected into the cavity, so that it can be determined that it has good mechanical strength and thermal insulation performance under a very small weight. Therefore, the product has a good shading effect, strong wind resistance, and high cost performance, and is therefore more and more popular with users.

In summer, completely putting down the roller blind can almost block all solar radiant heat from entering the room; in the winter, it prevents cold air from entering the room and effectively maintains the indoor temperature. The roller sheet adopts aluminum alloy rolling technology and is filled with polyurethane composite material. It has good mechanical strength and thermal insulation performance. The shading rate is over 80%, and the wind resistance performance is up to 10. The product also has security functions such as anti-theft, sound and noise reduction, dust and sand, anti-peeping, etc. It can use manual (belt, rope, crank) and electric (button, remote control, scenery induction) and other control methods. You create a home that is safe, peaceful, comfortable and energy-efficient.

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