Spacing design of aluminium square ceiling
Jun 05, 2018

The distance between aluminum squares is divided into pure spacing and center distance. Generally, people in the industry say that the spacing is the center distance, which is the distance from the center of an aluminum square to the center of the adjacent aluminum square, and the pure spacing is an aluminum. The distance between Fangtong’s edge and the adjacent aluminum side is also the distance between buyers.

After determining the color and specification of aluminum square pass, the best ceiling spacing is designed according to the height specifications of aluminum square pass. Generally, the spacing between aluminum squares with low height is not too large, and the spacing is too large to be effectively hidden. At the top of the infrastructure of the plumbing, line pipe, and air-conditioning equipment, the effect of the ceiling will be greatly reduced, so the design spacing is very important.

The distance between aluminum squares is determined by the customer. Manufacturers or sellers will not have aluminum square spacing for reference. Generally, only aluminum spacing required by customers can be given, such as 30mm, 50mm, etc. .

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