Color aluminum plate installation process
Jun 05, 2018

1. The color aluminum plate should be packed according to the same level.

2, according to different requirements have different skeletons, according to different products have different fixing methods.

3, color aluminum plate board must be installed with gloves, such as accidentally left fingerprints or stains, cleaning detergent can be used and wiped dry.

4. Buckle plate is fastened to the keel in sequence. After each button is buckled, the unlocking piece is pressed down. When the keel is connected, the connection piece is used to connect.

5, the pre-installed in the color aluminum plate hanging pieces, together with the buckle plate keel close to the light steel keel vertically buckled in the light steel keel, buckle plate keel spacing according to the size of the plate to determine, after all the equipment must be adjusted to the level .

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