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3105H46 Color Coated aluminum coil Product Overview Advantages of Color Coated Aluminum Coil 1. Product advantages : a. Flatness: no deformation after shearing. b. Weather ability: Polyester paint warranty 10 years, fluorocarbon paint warranty for more than 20 years. c. Mechanical: Selection of...
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3105H46 Color Coated aluminum coil 


Product Overview



1 Color coated aluminum coil is the aluminum coil surface coating colour with AC,PE.HDPE,PVDF.FEVE.
You can determine the type of coating based on your own needs or usage scenarios.
2 We can provide you with thickness 0.02-3.0mm of different colors and  grain aluminum coils.
3 PE Coating: excellent flexibility and machinability(T-bend); it is widely used in aluminum coil system.
4 PVDF Coating:excellent anticorrosion, long weather resistance and strong adhesion; soft paint film, it is widely used in the area of super weather resistance.




Advantages of Color Coated Aluminum Coil

1. Product advantages:
a. Flatness: no deformation after shearing.
b. Weather ability: Polyester paint warranty 10 years, fluorocarbon paint warranty for more than 20 years.
c. Mechanical: Selection of high-quality aluminum, plastic and adhesives, the use of advanced composite technology
d. Top quality suppliers. 
2. Company advantages:
a. 16year experience in Color Coated Aluminum Coil
b. OEM and ODM as customers requirement
c..ISO9001 and ISO14001,OHSAS ,SGS ect certifications
d. Famous brand materials and good service
e. Strict quality control with import test machines
f. Imported 8 sets automatic production line
g. professional sales teamQuality Contorl 



We have 4 color coating lines, 2 slitter lines and 2 embossing lines. we also have one new production line  of protective  film.
 We have advanced production facilities, use superior coating and aluminum alloy.
 We exported 8 sets automatic production line for color coated aluminum coilline from Germany.
 The product process include wining- skimming- cleaning- neutralization/removal of light- cleaning-  passivation and  chromizing- drying- coating- backing- cooling- unwinding.
 The products with the advantages of equal coating, stable quality and environmental protection, etc.


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